Empowered Community



We’re passionate about building a community where women feel accepted, worthy, and wanted.

We interviewed women on everything from their feelings towards fashion to when they feel the most free. It was a powerful day for us, and a reminder of how we want you to feel at Velé – loved as you are. As one of our friends said, fashion should be a safe haven for expression, “a place for women to exhale societal pressures.”

Here are some of the responses that reminded us why we’re doing what we do.

Something empowering you’ve heard recently?

“I read recently, not sure from where, that 'your mom spends nine months making your heart in her womb so don't let anyone break it in fifteen seconds.' " 

If any, what are things you wish would change about fashion?

"The models. Bring more of the average person into modeling and make it more accessible. Fashion is not only for the elite but something everyone should have access to."

"Brand attitudes can make people feel really excluded with fashion."

"They should be empowered through kinship they see on the pages."  

What message of encouragement / empowerment do you most want to tell the women in your life: (friends, sister, mother, etc.)?

"I love you."


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