INTRO: You are Worthy


As A new year begins, we are focusing on why we do what we do:

We believe all are worthy, wanted. Worthy of love, dignity, and belonging. Unfortunately, while fashion is an industry meant to equip and empower, so often it can leave us feeling less-than. Whether the culprit be airbrushed ads and cool club exclusivity, or the dark world of labor exploitation currently supporting fast fashion prices, we believe we can do better. 


Fashion can often leave us feeling less-than, when it should leave us empowered.

That’s why we’re kicking of 2018 with You are Worthy month. We’ve collected words of encouragement from women who have inspired us to know our value, and will be sharing more about how you can partner with us in fighting for industry workers to be treated with dignity. It’s a message that is so easily missed in the noise, that’s why we’re passionate about designing essentials to remind you that you are far more brilliant and beautiful than you can fathom. 

You are wanted. 

- Tiffany + Lauren

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