What is Ethical Fashion?

Today's market is flooded with waves of new, hip brands and their value props residing beyond the clothing or accessories themselves. Yet in the midst of this all, it is ironic that the actual impact of ethical fashion gets washed over.

Even as Co-Founders of Velé, we often have to stop and remember the mighty impact decisions which our supply chain and branding have. Being committed to ethical fashion means that we are dedicated to approaching design, sourcing, manufacturing, and branding to maximise the benefits to the people and communities impacted by our work while also minimizing our impact on the environment.

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The impact of ethical fashion seems to get glossed over by the beauty of fashion, yet the single choice of supporting an ethical fashion brand has a deeply rooted impact on the cycle of the industry:

1.Social: Every t-shirt, wallet, earring, etc. represents a workforce of multitudes of people. Poverty and exploitation of the fashion industry’s workforce affects not only the industry itself, but has a cyclical effect on the generations that follow. We believe everyone deserves a fair living wage, good working conditions, workers rights, and the support for a sustainable livelihood. Every single human deserves to be treated with dignity.

2. Commercial: Good intentions must be woven throughout a brand’s business model. Starting with quality products that last and live up to their value. This encourages slow fashion rather than perpetuating the harmful cycle of fast fashion and unnecessary demand.

3.Environmental: We have an obligation to be conscious of our productions’ impact on the environment and choose to minimize the impact through a thoughtful supply chain from start to finish.

These 3 main components are also outlined by the Ethical Fashion Forum and we hold them close with every business decision.

However, we added a 4th component, as at the core, Ethical Fashion is people-first.

4. Personal: The messages that a brand shares, the persona they embody, and the partners they align with impacts the consumer. We stand to recognize our impact, and to set forth as a brand that embraces our human imperfections and doesn’t create false realities and expectations of beauty and worth. Integrity is key.

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While these components provide us with a rulebook for pursuing and developing ethical fashion, we will be the first to admit, that our efforts are truly a work in progress. We are committed to finding ways in which we can be better as we hone our process and grow Velé.

We believe you deserve the best and we'll continuously strive to create that for you.



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