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| i n  p r o g r e s s |
This perfect image is perennial.
The standing fog that sifts through the slumber of the night
and the indelible workmanship of
towering mountains peaking through the fiery light
of dawn are only glimpses of absolute atonement.
You are sculpted, carved, and polished from
divine admiration- you are beloved.
Every crooked line and wounded breath are
letters addressed to the One with us, the One
who showers the horizon with dazzling colors of
unbelievable exposure.
You are a tender blossom, arisen from the groundwork
of detailed delicacy.
The One who epitomizes perfect beauty
held a brush to your curves
and channeled an inner enchantment to
create a flawless masterpiece.

The only truth you can hold is
your vulnerable, naked soul-
struck with an electricity of unadulterated majesty.
The dust of the world’s lies rest upon your eyelashes,
but you blink away the dark cloud of blind apprehension
and set your sights upon an illuminated
Let your broken layers fall upon the fragile ground
and stand with sights soaring with a formidable
smile spread upon your face.
Collect the petals of affirmed compliment
and embrace the undeniable of your
emboldened origin.

You are prepared, you are purposed.
You are in progress.


Living in fast paced, urban environments, we find that pragmatism is often prized.

The shorter the better :)

And while we think pragmatic prose is fabulous for emails + DM's, at night when the city begins to lull to sleep, our minds are often left racing. And so enters poetry. It's poetry that strings our tangled mess of thoughts, worries, and confusions into lines of clarity, something that rings true. It provides us with a release in which we can find comfort and acceptance of our vulnerabilities. This National Poetry Month, it's been exciting to share some of our favorite poets on our Instagram, like Rupi Kaur and Nayyirah Waheed

To end the month, we're so excited to share the poetry of our precious friend and Velé Muse, Mele Weaver. Her poems have served as such beautiful reminders that we are never alone. 

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Velé Muse: 

Mele | Activist and Poet

Meet Mele: Originally from North County San Diego, Mele Weaver graduated Pepperdine University with a bachelor's in Psychology and a minor in Vocational Ministry. She moved to the Pasadena area for a Masters of Divinity, but felt a strong pull away from that degree. She is grateful for her current job to lead her to pursue a Masters of Occupational Therapy in 2020. For the time being, she is a water fitness instructor and a swim instructor for kids and adults with both cognitive and physical disabilities at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and is loving every minute of it.

How Has a Friend encouraged you lately?

I had a pretty stressful week at work a while ago and I came to my roommate/best friend to vent and cry. After a long conversation of picking apart the situation, I especially remember her saying, "don't let anyone have power over your emotions." It was an aha! moment where I thought, "you're right. I shouldn't let anyone take away my feelings of confidence or strength!” I always love her wisdom because it's founded in empowerment and blunt truthfulness, which I need because it's easy to downplay my own worthiness in our society, but she gives me very needed reminders!

What would you share with a friend who's struggling to know her self worth?

With any friend struggling with self-worth, the first thing I say is that I hear you and see you. It's extremely difficult to look yourself in the mirror with disdain, second guess every decision, or feel like disappearing in social settings. It looks different for each of us, but it stems from lies. You're worth isn't defined by the superficial, it's defined by the radiant light your heart gives off, by your willingness to show the world the real you, by just being. So to all the women who think "not good enough," you are beyond enough. You are everything, you are absolute beauty, you are overwhelming sunshine, you are beloved.

What does the message “you are worthy and wanted” mean to you?

That saying sparks SO MANY emotions. I had a mentor in my life tell me to "listen to my tears" and when I hear profound words like "worthy' and "wanted," I cry because I've spent the majority of my life seeking those affirmations from peers, parents, schools, etc. Yet when I tell myself that I am worthy and wanted, the depth of its meaning floods my heart with relief and gratitude, because I don’t need to wait for anyone to give approval. It’s a fact I am born with. So when I hear those words, it reminds me that I deserve a life full of love and peace. I deserve compassion and grace from not only others, but from myself. I shouldn't expect anything less nor should I accept anything less. To be worthy and wanted changes my entire perspective- I can now live from a place of freedom, not of fear... and that really changes the game.




When do you Feel most empowered? 

I feel empowered in so many different situations (which is awesome and something 15 year-old Mele would never have imagined). Though two come to mind: when I find a place of complete vulnerability in conversations and when I exercise. I have found that the former conjures up a feeling of communal empowerment and the latter that of individual empowerment.
Whether I'm talking about a crisis with a friend, fears with a significant other, or its simply a moment when a few people come together and cry, I feel that our emotions and thoughts can be embodied. Instead of pushing away our burdens, but join hands to empathized, support, lift each other up epitomizes our innate need for belonging. To experience wild vulnerability with those who speak wisely, listen actively, and love unconditionally, the emotional transformation and our communion with each other is awe-inspiring.
Yet when I exercise it's a whole different experience. Whether I'm doing hot yoga or an intense HIIT workout, when I leave my mind and allow my body to push its own limits, I feel strong. More than just a physical way, I feel empowered to bear myself to the world, stand up for myself, forgive myself and others, and take on the world with wisdom and grace. It’s a mind-soul-body transformation. Praise for serotonin!

Any favorite quotes when you need a little boost?

1. "Comparison is the thief of joy" - Theodore Roosevelt

In regard too comparing myself in an unhealthy way, I remind myself of this quote all the time. Comparison was my poison (and still can be at times), but when I don't allow myself to experience the fullness and wonder of life because of my insecurities based on irrelevant and unfounded comparison, then I have just self-sabotaged! But instead of feeling guilty because of that, I just acknowledge it’s existence and let it go. Let the thoughts and comparisons pass and soon I can accept myself with where I'm at in that moment.

2. "I am the beloved and the beloved is mine" - breath prayer, original author unknown

When I'm stressed or anxious (which is a lot), I say this breath prayer. I hold my heart and stomach, breathe in while saying "I am the beloved" and exhale while saying "and the beloved is mine." I allow myself to breathe in, embrace, and appreciate the fact that I am dearly and deeply adored. Then, I exhale any anxiety or tension and, with surrender, I humbly understand that I am very small in the grand and divine scheme of things.

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