Velé Muse: Sam Furno



Samantha Furno is a fashion blogger, RTW designer, stylist and photographer. Born & raised in sunny California, she resides in Northern California, where she is immersed in the creative scene and surrounds herself with like-minded individuals who seek to bring aspects of the fashion industry to the City of Trees.

With a degree in Fashion Design and Marketing and a secondary education in patternmaking, Samantha has been refining her craft over the years and is currently working on some exciting design projects that will take her blog and personal brand, StyleInfurno, to the next level.

What does the message “you are worthy and wanted” mean to you?

I absolutely love this message and since it is printed in my Cross-body Clutch it has become an everyday mantra I can keep in the back of my mind! To me it is such a powerful statement that reminds me that I am enough. In society today, it is super easy for people, women specifically, to feel like they are not good enough and it is important to remind ourselves as well as those around us that we are all important.

Can you share about a fear that had you beginning to doubt your worth? How did you work through it?

There have been plenty of times that I have found myself doubting my worth and I'd be lying if I said that it is still something that I struggle with today. One of my biggest fears, especially after graduating college, was that I had nothing figured out. I was so scared of the future, felt under qualified for any job and just was in an all around negative head space. I had to learn to turn off those negative thoughts in my head and realize that it is okay to not have a set plan for the future and that I am going to be just fine! Rather than living my life by a set timeline or plan, I simply do my best each and everyday, take things one day at a time and seek happiness in everything I do.



SAMANTHA | Style Infurno

Instead of sitting in fear alone we strive to embrace and conquer it openly. It’s not easy, but it is needed and so, so good.

We were drawn to Samantha’s golden aesthetic and warmth. A true genuine soul, she jumped right into embracing the conversation of fear and how it is interconnected with our self-worth and her journey as a stylist, designer, and creative.

For us, she exemplifies what it looks like to be a fearless creative remembering her worth throughout her journey. We’re thankful to have Samantha as our muse.

When do you Feel most empowered? 

Empowerment is one of my favorite words. Personally, I find that I feel most empowered when I am letting my creativity flow. It feels amazing to just be able to let my thoughts go and simply create. Whether it is a simple sketch in a notebook or sewing up a cute top for the weekend, I feel most myself when I am able to be creative.

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Any encouragement for women in the midst of unleashing themselves from fear to embrace their worth?

One of my biggest tokens of encouragement to any woman who is in the midst of this breakthrough would be that, "you're not a paper plate, you're a piece of china." You are worthy, important and deserve to shine! My grandmother used to say this to my mother, who then passed it down to me and my sister and I truly believe that these words have helped me embrace and be reminded of my worth.

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