Velé Muse: Sarina | Ethical Fashion Advocate


Velé Muse: 

Sarina | Ethical Fashion Advocate

Meet Sarina: Sarina Ho is a slow fashion advocate connecting women to ethical and sustainable brands through her blog. She is currently working in an ethical fashion company and studying fashion design.

Sarina is also one of our favorite conversationalists. We're always delighted to see where our chats go, from brainstorming through artistic vision, to breaking down the our struggles and triumphs over our constant relationship with self worth. Originally in the medical field, we met Sarina after she had taken the leap from stability to begin again and pursue the world of fashion and design here in Los Angeles.

So on days when the uncertainty of running a small business can seem overwhelming and we don't feel "ready" or capable enough, Sarina is one of the people we look to as a reminder that life is too short to put off pursuing our dreams. Despite the whispers in our minds that might say otherwise, we are enough as we are. Each one of us brings so much beauty and life to the world when we follow our dreams. All are worthy and necessary – you are worthy and necessary :)

How has learning to view yourself as worthy and wanted affected your personal path?

It gave me confidence to do what I want whether it be to talk to someone new or go after what I want in life regardless of who I was up against.

What is a challenge you face in feeling your worth, and how do you wrestle through it?

For me, there tends to be certain times when I don't feel worthy or wanted. There isn't really a cause to these times but I feel that talking to my friends and verbally expressing my feelings helps.

How has a friend encouraged you lately?

Recently I've been questioning what I want to do with my time and for work. My friend encouraged me to go with my gut feeling and not to settle for something I don't want.





Any favorite quotes when you need a little boost?

No one is better than another. We are all human. If someone can do something you want, you are just as able. No human is more worthy than another.

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