Muse Gathering | August 2018


“You are more brilliant than your greatest idea,

More complex than your deepest confusion,

And more breathtaking than an untouched landscape.

There is no spectrum to which you can be bound.”

- Candice Erdos


Take a moment to breathe those words into your soul. These words, shared by Tiff, was how our most recent Velè Muse Gathering began.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we invited a small group of women from all over Los Angeles to come together at Galerie LA. From creative freelancers to aspiring journalists to educators, these women came from all walks of life but were all able to connect on one thing: fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Fear is something that we all experience, and yet, it is something that we don’t talk about openly with each other nearly enough.

Part of our brand’s mission is to encourage everyone to see that they are worthy and that they are wanted. Often times though, fear can get in the way of that. When we can’t see our own worth, we also can’t see our true potential. Our future will then be shadowed by fear and limited to our view of ourselves and what we think we’re capable of. Fear can keep us down.  

But we don’t have to give into fear. We can embrace it. Yes, fear is something that we all experience, but we have all overcome it at some point in our lives too. Whether it’s our fear of heights or fear of public speaking, we’ve all taken a leap (literally or metaphorically) and have conquered a fear.

During the gathering, Sarah, from As We Dwell, said that she uses fear like a compass. She heads in the direction towards her fear, because she knows that’s where she’s supposed to go. Other women in the group said that once they were able to name their fear and say it out loud to a friend, it made it less scary and less daunting to tackle. There was great comfort in knowing that we are not alone in our fears, and that together, we can overcome them and even embrace them.

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Muse Gathering

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” -George Addair.

This Addair quote is well-shared, no doubt, but it wasn’t until after this gathering that we gave it much thought. We want to add on to Candice Erdos and say that you are more worthy than your biggest insecurity, and braver than your darkest fears. We want you to remember: “There is no spectrum to which you can be bound.”

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