Behind the Scenes: The Cardholder


Take a look inside our journey of creating our first limited edition drop: The Cardholder.

The thoughtful decisions and the process that began months before the Spring ‘19 Drop.

We did things a bit differently this round, beginning with working with an independent local artist. Why did we choose an independent artist in Los Angeles rather than working with a factory abroad? Great question!

We value building relationships and supporting the dreams of creatives, and by working closely with an independent artist we are supporting the passion an artist has for traditional leather craftsmanship and the value of slow fashion. We love knowing that each piece ordered helps support our artist’s dreams.

We are often asked how we found our factory partners and finding a local artist actually began years back.

He is a friend of our Co-Founder, Tiffany, from Los Angeles and is an independent artist with an inspiring passion for leather craftsmanship and slow fashion. Thus, we instantly knew we had to be friends and we couldn't be more excited for this collaboration to come to life years after the first meeting.

As a conscious fashion brand we select each material we work with thoughtfully.

That is why this collection is made of cowhide intentionally selected from Italian tanneries that use traditional methods in preparing the leathers, such as vegetable dyeing.

What is vegetable dyeing and tanning, and why does it matter, you ask? *


The most widespread method of producing soft, uniform leather is called chrome-tanning. It’s very effective and efficient, however the chromium salts used in the process is both harmful to human and the environment as it’s a carcinogenic and indestructible chemical. We don’t want to perpetuate the use of chrome-tanning in the fashion industry, so we chose Vegetable tanning.

Vegetable tanning is chromium-free without harmful chemicals. It’s an artisanal process that leverages some of the tannic acids found naturally in certain plants. Additionally, vegetable tanning is very high quality and durable and it can only be obtained from cattle that carried a good life, to get a good, strong leather, and it is always a sub-product of the meat industry. This process values a slower life and an eco-sustainable industry.

*More information found here & here.

Not only is this limited edition drop made locally in Los Angeles, it’s also made by hand…another intentional element of the design process.

Why does being handmade matter?


Traditional leather artistry takes an incredible amount of time and skill. Most factories, even the most traditional, will cut pieces with a machine. Our artist cuts everything completely by hand and hand stitches. Sweat and soul and artisan precision fills every piece. It is an art.

Want a peak into the process?

  1. Each piece of the pattern is cut by hand with a leather blade.

  2. The leather is stamped with our logo and signature "You are wanted" message by using an embossing press. This requires manual pressure to emboss.

  3. A tool is used to press holes for stitches to go through, followed by hand stitching with leather thread the layers of leather together.

  4. All threads are sealed with heat, which entails the artist holding up a lighter to the thread.

  5. All edges are burnished and hand painted.

lauren belfor