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Conscious essentials, and empowering community.

Welcome to

the Movement.


Dear Muse,

We design from a deep desire to remind women that they are worthy and wanted. We started Velé from our apartments just a little over two years ago with a vision for equipping women to explore and connect through travel. And have since been inspired by the beauty and grit within each one of us. In this journey we have become more and more passionate about creating an authentic community of women supporting one another to embrace our worth and are now excited about launching something new. We would love for you to be join us as an insider to be a part of helping us shape its vision.

A Muse is "a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist." We believe you are a force of inspiration and would be thrilled for you to join us as a Velé Muse in connecting women and spreading the message that all are worthy.

With this invitation, we offer you our Simple Wallet at-cost (i.e. for exactly what it costs us to produce the product) in exchange to have the privilege of hearing your insights and opinions on the exciting new women’s travel community we’ve been working on creating and curating.

Scroll down to learn more about what it means to be a Muse, and you can reach out to our Co-Founder Tiffany personally with any questions at

We look forward to hearing from you!

With love,

Lauren & Tiffany


You, as a Velé Muse

Insider Access You will be the first to know when our vision for the Velé Community goes live and will gain early access to Velé product launches and limited edition collections.

Social We hope to share your story. After purchase, we will send you the interview questions we have asked our current Velé Muses featured on our journal, Musings . We'll be incorporating your answers and brand content throughout our social and content channels.

To spread the Velé message over social, we would love for you to answer this question through your posts: “What does ‘you are worthy’ mean to you?” #thisisvele.



Equipped to Empower.


The Simple Wallet 

$55 | Typically Retails $110                          

We offer you the opportunity to purchase the Simple Wallet at-cost.

Inspired by a man's wallet, we've added some femme & functionality to the classic bi-fold. Handcrafted in Ubrique, Spain, this collection is made consciously from materials to manufacturing.

Simple Wallet | Size: 3.3 in. by 4.7 in. by 0.25 in




Designed by two best friends in Los Angeles,
handmade in Ubrique, Spain.



  • Leather exterior and interior.

  • Expandable Cotton lined interior pocket with zipper closure.

  • 3 card slots.

  • Gold-tone brass hardware.

  • "You are wanted" embossed on interior.




You are more brilliant than your greatest idea,

More complex than your deepest confusion,

And more breathtaking than an untouched landscape.

There is no spectrum to which you can be bound.